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Volunteering Opportunities

Discover the joy of praising Him through good work with our volunteering opportunities. Mission Gate Prison Ministry needs your help for all of our prison ministry programs in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Current opportunities are listed below.

Evangelistic Worship Services

An important part of our ministry objectives is to evangelize prisoners who in turn disciple other convicts to turn from their evil ways and give their hearts to Jesus. More than 2,000 first-time decisions are made every year. This is the equivalent of one prison per year surrendering to the Lord! We need your help for services, Bible studies, and one-on-one counseling — and we need it now! If ever there was a time to step out of the boat, it is now while the harvest is due and the trumpet is about to sound. What you need to assemble is a team of five volunteers to carry out the following tasks:

  • Volunteer Opens the Service In Prayer & Ask Inmates To Give Their Praise Reports
  • Volunteer Leads Songs & Praises To God
  • Volunteer Gives a Short Devotional With Clear Points That Can Be Easily Remembered
  • Minister Blesses Them With a Message Fresh From the Throne Of the Lord
  • Time To Draw In the Net & Volunteer Does an Altar Call
  • More Praise & Worship Music
  • Service Ends In Corporate & Private Prayer
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Volunteer for Our Christmas Parties

Another way for your family to help is to volunteer for one of our Christmas parties, where your involvement will touch so many. We have Christmas parties in North St. Louis, West St. Louis County, and Steelville, Missouri. For all our parties, we need volunteers to rewrap the gifts and act as outside security, ushers, gift distributors, choirs, and preachers of the Gospel. We also bless single mothers at the St. Louis Hope House and a local Missouri Cherokee Indian community.