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Say Happy Birthday to Jesus by Giving Gifts This Christmas

Have an experience you won't soon forget through the Mission Gate Christmas Angel Mission. Designed to bless the children of inmates and ex-offenders with gifts, we share the Gospel and refer families to local churches in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. This mission involves delivering gifts to the kids right in their homes, or at Christmas parties held in St. Louis and Steelville. A follow-up ministry is then set in motion and continues all year long with our partnership with The Mailbox Club, a child evangelism tool. Hundreds of men in our nine-month residential prisoner aftercare program also receive Christian parenting skills and counseling to help them reunite with their kids and families.

Church Goers

How Your Church Can Participate

What you need to do is to set up a Christmas Tree in your church and we will provide paper angels to decorate it with. Each angel will have the name, age, sex, address, phone, and guardian of the child of a Christian prisoner or ex-offender. You call the angel's guardian and determine what range of gifts the children would like and then purchase and deliver them to the family's home. In the home, the real ministry begins. This is an excellent opportunity for you to share the Gospel with the children and their guardian.

Another way is to have angel decorations with only have the age and gender of a child. Members of your church take an angel and then buy a gift appropriate to the information and return it to the tree. Then your youth group will throw a gift wrapping party and bring the gifts to our gift distribution center the day before the party. We then give out the gifts to the children at our Christmas party. These are gifts for the children and their needy friends we couldn't reach at home.

How Your Business Can Participate

Retail stores can set up a Christmas tree in their store, and we provide with paper angels with the age and gender of a needy child. Shoppers take an angel and shop a gift for that angel in your store. When the gift is purchased from you, the shopper leaves the gift under the tree. The day before our party you bring the gifts to our gift distribution center. Offices can do the same with their employees and visitors. Of course, we are dependent on your generous gift to us so that we can afford this outreach.

How Your Family Can Participate

Your family will be matched with a family in need. You then can shop the gifts that your budget will allow and then bring the gifts out to the family and present the Gospel. Some volunteers have brought out a whole Christmas dinner, some have brought out a fully decorated Christmas tree, and others have given vehicles, etc. This all depends on your financial ability to bless the family.

Another way is to have each of your children purchase a gift that they would like to receive and then come to our party and give that gift to a child of same age and gender. This teaches your child to be unselfish and unconditional. It can be quite a ministry to your family if you do this right.

Notice: The Christmas Angel Mission is not affiliated with Salvation Army Tree of Lights nor with the Prison Fellowship Ministry's Angel Tree Program.